Manpower & Equipment for Concrete Delivery in New Orleans

Our customer focus is serving architects, engineers, program managers, builders and contractors that deliver their services to the major project and programs of Federal, State, Parish (County) and Municipal governments, agencies, and authorities. As well we focus on serving commercial developers, churches, health care enterprises, schools, colleges, universities and Fortune 1000 companies across multiple industries, including communications, defense, healthcare, energy, utilities and facilities management, etc. in Louisiana, Mississippi and other select markets. LCCI is continuously developing world-class concrete products and solutions, as well as supporting management tools, product deployment processes and technologies that lead architects, engineers, program managers, builders, and contractors to select LCCI as their preferred provider.

Green Concrete Solutions

LCCI’s commitment to total quality management (TQM) extends to every area of its operations including Health & Safety, and Environmental Management Systems. To help to build a more sustainable environment, LCCI is focusing on Green; environmentally friendly concrete with low carbon dioxide emissions to produce energy saving construction. 

LCCI is leading the field with the promotion of Green sustainable concrete by using materials that represent a 75% saving on carbon dioxide emission against the more traditional type of conventional concrete made from Ordinary Portland cement. Our greatest focus is on the use of partial cement replacements such as PFA andGGBS. 

Landrieu Concrete's Customer Centric Difference


Locally Owned, Staffed, and Operated

Consistent Quality of Concrete

Green Concrete Solution

Enhanced Service Levels

Value Added Services

Development of New Products

Project based Concrete Design

Landrieu Concrete’s Core Offerings Are:

Concrete Design & Engineering Services Consulting; which includes expert Quality Control Management, tolerance modeling, solutions architecting and deployment planning for large and complex projects/programs.

Production of all forms of concrete at Landrieu Concrete & facilities

Guaranteed concrete delivery, New Orleans and other surrounding communities can rely on. Installation of concrete products through the provision of Landrieu Concrete’s exclusive turn-key rapid deployment concrete technologies

The provision of bonding and contract funding Assistance services to sub-contractors that utilize Landrieu Concrete’s turnkey concrete design/engineering, production and deployment services.

Landrieu Concrete Strengths

Equipment: Landrieu Concrete has a substantial and growing fleet consisting of Concrete Pumps, Static Pumps, Placing Booms, Cement Bulkers, Truck-trailers, Diesel & Water Tankers. Our fleet strength is closely matched to meet our growing customer production targets. Maintenance on all Landrieu Concrete equipment is strictly planned and executed, to ensure the reliability of our assets performance. Landrieu Concrete even has several Concrete Pumps in it's fleet with a boom reach of 150 feet.

Systems: Landrieu Concrete uses an "Operations and Fleet Management System" to control the optimal planning and execution on all daily concrete production, delivery and pumping programs. The system uses GPS and Wi-Fi networks to enable the live Visualization all operations covering the entire Supply Process, from Concrete Batching to the on-site arrival of trucks and concrete pumping in the New Orleans area.

Landrieu Concrete's R & D: Landrieu Concrete’s R&D team is a leader in technical innovation, advances and implementation. The goal of the R&D team is to bring new or improved, cost effective products and services to the market and provide support to the company, in terms of business development, technical sales, production and quality control.

Safety and Environment: Safety- Landrieu Concrete has comprehensive risk and safety management policies and procedures, based on the principle of accident prevention everywhere, at all times. These policies cover workplace safety, hazard identification, reporting and response mechanisms and the protection of people, processes and facilities. Our clients expect no less, and we approach each project confident in our ability to exceed their expectations.

Environment- We are implementing environmental management systems to meet ISO 14001 standards. All our activities are undertaken with the strictest environmental protection measures, and all employees are trained in this, as in our other policies and procedures. One of the main objectives of Landrieu Concrete is to provide a service that is environment friendly and safe.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy(HSE) Landrieu Concrete has a commitment to zero accidents and lost time injury (LTI) rates. The firm is compliant with all OSHA, EPA and State Health, Safety and Environmental standards. Further, Landrieu Concrete’s own rigorous quality and related health, safety and environment policies are mandatory and are consistently applied at all levels within the organization. This ensures that all processes and deliverables are fully compliant with regulatory standards and international best practices. Landrieu Concrete’s HSE policies and procedures are applicable to all our work sites and to our sub-contractors.

Quality Control: At Landrieu Concrete, we understand that our product, concrete, is one of the most unique and versatile building materials in the world. It can assume virtually any shape and reach great strengths.

Batching Plant Processing and Testing: Landrieu Concrete produces a wide variety of mix designs for different construction needs and conditions. Mix designs are prepared in accordance with the international standards by our in house qualified Technical Engineers and verified and tested thoroughly to yield optimal performance before final approval by the client. Custom mix designs can also be developed based on customer requirements for concrete delivery.

For all these reasons and more, Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries is the premier cement company and the solution for all your needs when it comes to concrete delivery. New Orleans businesses can call on our trustworthy, experienced team when they need concrete delivery or any services related to ready-mix concrete.