Owner's Message 

Landrieu Concrete Owner, Renee Landrieu’s, Core Message:

Our Vision is to be the First Choice for Sustainable Ready Mix Concrete Solutions in the Greater New Orleans area. 

The Landrieu Concrete team, in conjunction with its quality control expert can design a pervious, porous concrete; which will enhance your stormwater drainage. We can assure the customer that the entire Landrieu Concrete family lives our Mission and Core Values as a "customer centric" organization that is fully committed to delivering at all times on its promises.

Our Mission

  • Prompt service, including SAME DAY DELIVERY
  • Establish partnerships for mutual sustainable GROWTH
  • Lead in technological and ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION
  • Provide cost effective custom SOLUTIONS
  • Deliver high quality products and VALUED SERVICES
  • Practice corporate and social RESPONSIBILITIES

Ensuring Safety

Providing a safe and hazard free work place is an absolute Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries priority

    •    Zero accidents is Landrieu Concrete’s unwavering goal. The health, safety and wellness of Landrieu Concrete team members, other contractors’ personnel and the community is integral to the Landrieu Concrete value proposition. Landrieu Concrete continuously reviews, measures and adjusts its health and safety management systems to achieve its 0% accident and injury effectiveness benchmark.