LCCI considers every job to be of utmost importance, regardless of size.  We provide Ready-Mix Concrete to the New Orleans market for foundations, footings, driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc.


LCCI is only a Concrete Ready-Mix provider.  You will need to hire a crew to do your formwork and finishing.  There are several concrete subcontractors that use our concrete regularly - if you need a suggestion please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Form of Payment:

  • We can accept cash or checks COD, after the last truck on your pour.

  • We can accept credit card for your order, processed before delivery.

Please make sure that the LCCI Ready-Mix Concrete trucks can easily access the location where you wish to pour. 

Check for: Electrical, phone and cable wires. Tree Branches and landscaping, mailboxes, fences, or any other site obstructions. Septic Tanks or any soft ground conditions.

To schedule your Delivery, we will need the following:

  • Your name, address and phone number (important)

  • The amount of concrete you will need and what it will be used for (so we can know what mix design to provide you)

  • The date and time you would like our first truck to arrive at your site

  • The time spacing between trucks, if the order is larger than 10 CY

  • Your method of payment

How you will actually place the concrete:

  • Will you be able to tailgate, or deliver the concrete straight from the chute at the back of the truck?

  • Will you need to wheelbarrow the concrete from the spot where the truck will be parked to your pour?

  • Will you need to pump the concrete in hoses to get it to your pour, in which case you will need to hire a concrete pump?

Ready Mix Concrete is manufactured in LCCI Batch Plants according to its customers preset recipes, then delivered to a worksite where it is deployed. LCCI produces precise concrete mixtures to be deployed on construction sites.


LCCI has a centrally located ready-mix concrete operation that covers the Greater New Orleans area, and we are continuously analyzing market trends to strategical grow our footprint. When it comes to quality ready-mix concrete, New Orleans contractors can trust LCCI to contribute high quality products for their concrete projects.

All LCCI Batching Plant facilities are constructed using cutting-edge industry designs that optimize environmental considerations, so they are not only great places to work, but also minimize our effect on the environment and communities that host our facilities. LCCI considers the full carbon footprint of its operations and limits its environmental impact by:

  • Sourcing & Processing of all material inputs

  • Materials Handling & Storage

  • Recycling of Materials including water

  • Efficiency of the entire Manufacturing and Delivery process

LCCI utilizes a variety of advanced technologies that enables optimized concrete to be produced that is compact, environmentally friendly and easy to place. All of this is done in order to provide our customers with a quality product.

LCCI Batching Plants and Storage facilities utilize the most technologically advanced software to make our equipment more Energy Efficient and reliable while minimizing dust emissions. Sensors in our batching plants enable consistent concrete to be prepared batch after batch. This cutting-edge, environmentally friendly batching technology is a core function in all of our plants for ready-mix concrete. New Orleans construction projects will benefit from long lasting buildings, a wide variety of options, and a delivery service that focuses on being on time, every time.

Click on the Link to download a Credit Application. 

Complete and fax back to (504) 304-4409.